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About Pharmasave Sullivan Square Pharmacy

Pharmasave Sullivan Square provides more than prescriptions, products, services and advice from medical experts. It provides a place for community, because we believe that being in community is part of your health. We are here to get to know your name and your life as well as your medical condition, because once we know you, we know how to partner with you in reaching your health goals.

The features unique to Pharmasave Sullivan Square are our natural and organic products, our compounding pharmacy services, and our Weight Loss coaching and program. These are areas that we believe in bringing to the forefront for you: quality products, personalized dosages, and life-changing weight loss.

Pharmasave Sullivan Square is located in a highly residential area of Surrey. We are part of the budding and ongoing business development that works to offer quality services right here where we live. Our location is surrounded by other businesses, gyms, and a YMCA. Pharmasave Sullivan Square seeks to be as much of a one-stop shop as possible: we carry beauty and houseware products. We are also attached a Medical Clinic for your convenience.

Our community is varied and made up of a range of different ages, ethnicities, cultures and lifestyles. Health and wellness are our common denominators, and we invite you to join us in improving in these areas together. That's what we're here for.

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Meet Our General Manager

Happy Boyal is Pharmasave Sullivan Square's General Manager. She is also a Certified Weight Loss Coach, along with two other certified coaches at the Sullivan Square location. Happy has worked in the health industry for close to a decade, and is passionate about people and improving health together. One of the ways Happy builds relationship between Pharmasave Sullivan Square and the local community is by going to the Fleetwood Senior Club at the Fleetwood Community Centre along with a member of our Pharmacist team. They attend to provide education and tips on health and aging, and to serve nearby residents according to their specific lifestyles and health needs. Happy's mission is to establish Pharmasave Sullivan Square as a welcoming place for people to receive what they fully need.