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Prescription Refills - Refill your Prescription Rx Today

Refill Prescription by Phone:

To refill your prescription, simply call our pharmacy at (604) 303-6343. You will need to provide us your first name, last name and prescription number. Contact us now

Note: A refill can only be processed by phone if you've already filled your previous prescription at the same location.

Prescription Refill Information:

Please allow 24 hours for the pharmacy to prepare your prescriptions.

Please enter the prescription number(s) you wish to refill at this time. This number is located on your prescription label. All prescriptions entered must match the Last Name as entered above.

Your prescription will be processed during normal pharmacy hours.

Please contact pharmacy directly to inquire about delivery options and pick up times.

Not all prescription(s) may be eligible for online refill. Please click here for further details.

Prescription Pickup:

Enter the date you would like to pick up your prescription. While your medication(s) may be ready earlier, please allow 24 hours for us to prepare your prescription (longer if a refill is requested the day before an observed statutory holiday; call your store to check their holiday hours). If you require your medication(s) sooner, telephone your pharmacy directly to confirm. Store phone number and hours of operation are displayed above.